German Association of Potters / German Guild Association of Ceramist's Trade

Kannegießer Keramik since 1824
Südstraße 10-14
D-01904 Neukirch

Phone: +49 35951 3680 - Fax: +49 35951 36810

POTTERY FROM SAXONY - Regional Guild of Saxon Potter's and Ceramist's Trade

Kannegiesser Keramik does not only represent a traditional and productive pottery workshop, but also a variety in decoration and in assortment. The characteristic feature of the family-owned company, which was found in 1824, is the extravagant so-called sponge painting of Oberlausitz that is combined with brush painting in different decorations and that is exclusively dotted and applied on the pots hand.

Another special feature is blue-coated pottery with small white dots. Kannegiesser Keramik belongs to those companies that made Saxon handicraft history. So the first potter's wheel, which rotated by an electric motor in the region, came from this workshop.

The combination of a high product quality with excellent utility characteristics is the most important principle of the company. The hand-made pottery made of fine stoneware is perfect in use and suitable for baking oven, microwave, and dishwasher. These products of high quality are mostly sold in special glass, china, and pottery shops, but also in gift shops.